Artira Inclined Platform Lift

Godwin Artira Inclined Platform Lift
The Artira Inclined Platform Lift is the ultimate solution to all your stair and platform accessibility needs. The Artira Inclined Platform Lift proves the most advanced technology for your accessibility needs. Features include:
  • access for straight, turning or radiating stairways
  • design flexibility for the most customized options of any lift
  • maneuverability for turning multi-stop stairway
  • perfect access onto a stage
  • functionality with straight stairway with platform storage off the stairs
  • easily and smoothly glides up and down radiating stairway of any curve radius
  • handles straight stairway with intermediate horizontal section seamlessly
  • turning clearance options range from 4 and 7/8 inches (125 mm) to 49 1/4 inches (1250 mm)
  • Fulfills ADA specifications

The Artira lift also features a remote drive system, and the most compact folded size of all lifts currently on the market. The remote drive system also features an ultra-quiet mode for a powerful yet silent drive power.  Other outstanding safety features include:

  • built in fire alarm integration
  • customized for each stairway need such as slowing at corners, landings and automatic folding
  • in public buildings an electric platform security lock can be installed to ensure no vandalism
  • folded platform conceals and protects platform controls and pieces
  • under platform sensors stop platform if an obstruction is in the path
  • flashing amber pedestrian safety lights on both ends of the platform deck
  • illuminated platform threshold for safely getting on and off lift
  • bi-directional ramp sensing detects objects on the stairs and prevents a wheelchair from being off-center on the platform deck.
  • features Smart-Lite technology
  • Curved safety arms for comfort

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