Bruno Vertical Platform Lift

Bruno Vertical Platform Lift Information

The Bruno Vertical Platform Lift is the perfect residential solution for outdoor use.  Specifically designed for outdoor durability, the Bruno Vertical Platform Lift is designed to smoothly and efficiently travel straight up and down from a patio to an upper deck, from a driveway to a front door, from the ground level to a deck or even from the ground to stops on every level of your home.  Bruno Vertical Platform Lift has often been called the perfect marriage of indoor to outdoor life accessibility.

Bruno Vertical Platform Lift Outdoor Durability

No matter the weather where you live, you can rest assured the Bruno brand vertical platform lift has been heartily tested, pushed, punished and tested again in the most extreme environments possible.  If you have the weather, the Bruno lift has been tested in it.
The Bruno Lift can be powered by battery or household electricity, as well as by generator, to ensure that you always have power and accessibility no matter the extreme weather or local power outages.  Safety features include:
  • rugged and reliable
  • keyed, constant pressure controls on platform
  • emergency st switch on platform
  • all weather protected controls and switches
  • safety panel on the lowest floor platform
  • solid side platform walls measuring 42 inches high
  • upper final limit safety switch
  • non skid platform measuring 36 inches x 48 inches
  • automatic folding ramp
  • reversible and universal design
  • lifting capacity of 750 lbs or 340 kg
  • power systems
  • dual v-belt driven acme screw with backup safety nut
  • weather resistant powder coated finish
  • some models feature split tower system and emergency lowering system

Call Godwin Elevator Company today to learn more about adding outdoor accessibility to your life. Don’t let your life be limited by your ability to reach your outdoor living space-make that space perfect for you and your loved ones with a Bruno Vertical Platform Lift today!