Escalator Cleaning By Godwin Elevator Company Experts

Escalator Cleaning and Maintenance

Many times the only thing needed to help an escalator run better is a top of the line cleaning. This involves the cleaning of escalators both externally and internally. Over time the dirt that resides in escalators can build up and effective functionality. Unfortunately this dirt can be flammable and thus possess a threat to health & safety regulations. Cleaning the inside and outside of an escalator significantly reduces the risk of fire and promotes a longer life of your escalator.

Discover The Godwin Elevator Company Escalator Maintenance Services

The Godwin Elevator Company specialized in the maintenance and repair of elevators and escalators. However, sometimes all that is needed to fix a slow or jumpy escalator is a detailed cleaning of all the gears and parts. A simple cleaning can save you a lot money as well as make the out of service time for your escalator a minimum. There are different levels of cleaning to fix whatever issues your escalator may be having, as well as to fit your maintenance budget. It is suggested a cleaning should be done every few years to keep you escalator continuing to run the best service. A cleaning every few years can keep your maintenance up to date and find any wear or tear that needs to be repaired before any very expensive damage is done to other parts of your escalator.

Let Us Clean Your Elevator

There is a wide variety of options when it comes to cleaning your elevator, from simple clean to a full clean up. A full clean up involves the cleaning of steps, skirting, handrails, external & internal mechanisms and finishes with a full inspection. Are you ready to see what Godwin Elevator Company can do for your escalator? Contact us today by callingĀ 919.828.8184!