Escalator Repair Services

Godwin Escalator Repair Services

There are dramatic consequences if an escalator is out of action during a busy working day, which is why repairs need to be completed efficiently. We realize the effect it can have on your company’s customer relationship and experience.

Getting Your Escalator Repaired

Our experienced work force ensures that repairs will be performed quickly and safely. We 100% guarantee our services and your satisfaction. When you choose Godwin Elevator Company INC to perform the necessary repairs, cleaning, updates and maintenance to your escalator, you are getting the finest skilled and trained escalator technicians in all of North Caroline. We offer a wide range of escalator maintenance options, annual repairs, complete replacement of parts or system, cleaning and updating.

Maintaining Your Escalator

In many cases, the problems you are experiencing with your escalator may simply be a signal your system needs to be cleaned-and no costly repairs are even needed! Many times our highly trained specialized escalator repair technicians can come in and quickly and efficiently clean your escalator parts without causing too much disruption or down time for your clients.

How Long Does It Take To Repair Escalators

In the cases where repairs are needed, you can guarantee that our company knows customer service is your top priority. That is why when we are repairing your escalator we will do everything we can to quickly get your customers the luxury of a smooth and reliable escalator ride back without long delays or down time.