Genesis Enclosure Vertical Platform Lift

Genesis Enclosure Vertical Platform Lift

There are many different types of platform lifts to choose from, and really it depends on what type of functionality and use you desire. Each type that Godwin Elevator Company stands behind, installs and services have been specifically chose because of their outstanding performance capabilities and wide variety of options. The Genesis Enclosure Vertical Platform Lift offers the following features:

  • lifting capacity of 340 kg ¬†or 750 lbs.
  • manufactured enclosure walls
  • integrated doors and grates
  • passenger platform
  • easy to sue call stations at top and bottom of lift
  • platform controls
  • a drive mast
  • customization choices of panels, doors and gates
  • variety of colors and finishes offered

Godwin Elevator and Lift Installation

We are a trusted elevator installation and servicing company with many years of experience with elevator and lift machinery. Our service technicians are highly trained and skilled experts in the field of elevator and lift mechanics and engineering, and we are dedicated to ensuring you are completely satisfied with your new elevator or lift.

To learn more about having a vertical platform lift installed in your home or business location, contact Godwin Elevator Company today! We can come give you a custom estimate with no obligation and also plan out a satisfactory payment option plan. Don’t wait to make your location accessible.