Genesis Staage Vertical Platform Lift

Genesis Staage Vertical Platform Lift

Godwin Elevator is proud of offer Genesis Staage Vertical Platform Lift elevators. Genesis Staage offers affordable and safe simplistic designs for easy accessibility and use. The low rise vertical lift offers solutions for obstacles such as stages and podiums. The Genesis Staage vertical platform lift can also be removed from site for times when wheelchair accessibility is not needed, making it the perfect solution for public service areas, such as schools, theaters, and social halls.

Portable Vertical Platform Lift Godwin Elevators

Genesis Staage vertical platform lifts features easy use details. The upper landing limit can be adjusted in only a few seconds, with the lower landing call station equipped with a lockout key switch in order to prevent unauthorized use of the lift. Standard safety features are built into the lift and it will come fully assembled and ready for its fist use.

The lower call station comes standard, but an upper call station (with lockout safety feature) can also be created with an easy to use switch for calling the platform to which ever loading area is needed.

Directional control is also a feature that comes standard in Godwin Elevators Gensies Staage Vertical Platform Lift. Mounted to the sidewall of the platform, the directional control switch moves the platform in the desired direction and will automatically stop movement when the switch is released.

  • Other safety features of the Genesis Staage PKortable Vertical Platfrm Lift are:
  • Automatic Access Ramp
  • Platform Emergency Stop and Alarm Button
  • Under Platform Safety Pan
  • Upper and Lower Platform Gates
  • Grabrail
  • Manual Emergency Lowering Ability
  • Choice of Finishes