Inclined Platform Lifts

Inclined Platform Lifts Types

Godwin Elevator Company is proud to offer you the news in technology development when it comes to inclined platform lift options.  Our experts are skilled in all the different types we offer installation, maintenance and repair services.  Each of our highly trained technicians are skilled in the installation engineering and technological repair and maintenance needs each different style and brand of platform lift requires. When you team with Godwin Elevator Company for your accessibility needs, you not only get a cost effective range of choices, you also get highly trained experts to engineer and maintain your lift.
The type of Inclined Platform Lifts you need vary depending on what type of stairs, the angle slope that needs to be accessible that is involved, and whether there are any special features to your stairs, such as:
  • great height
  • straight stairs
  • curved stairs
  • multiple landings
  • multiple curves
  • tight spaces
  • weight and size capacities desired

Our experts at Godwin Elevator can come out to your home or business for a no obligation estimate to determine the best inclined platform lift to custom fit your stairs and needs, as well as your budget. All of our lift brands are customizable and feature a wide range of additional options so that every desire you have of your wheelchair lift accessibility can be met.