Wheelchair Accessibility

Godwin Wheelchair Accessibility Options

For over 25 years, Godwin Elevator Company has partnered with corporations, homeowners, churches, and various facilities to provide a means of accessibility for disabled individuals. We offer enclosed vertical platform lifts, and stair lifts to accommodate those in need.

Our top of the line accessibility needs cover every options you desire for your client’s comfort and ease. Choose from our line of different budget and style choices to pick exactly what is right for your clients and your business needs.

Your Satisfaction is Godwin Elevator Company’s Goal


Our wheelchair accessibility choices are installed by our highly trained and licensed professional technicians to ensure the longevity, safety and durability of your accessibility investment. Your satisfaction and client’s comfort are our number one priority. We take pride in providing the best service in the North Carolina area wheelchair accessibility options and installations.

Contact Godwin Wheelchair Accessibility Services

Contact us to get a FREE estimate of services and to have a no obligation consultation performed. Our craftsmanship is 100% guaranteed. When you team with Godwin Elevator Company for all your  wheelchair accessibility needs, you team with some of the top professional technicians in the area. Ensure the safety and longevity of your enclosed vertical platform lifts, stair lifts and elevator purchase by choosing Godwin as the company to install your accessibility needs.