X3-R Inclined Platform Lift

X3-R Inclined Platform Lift Information

Godwin Elevator Company is proud to be a skilled technician partner for the X3-R Inclined Platform Lift. You can take a look at the X3-R in a home setting to see if the inclined platform lift may be the perfect solution for your needs:

The video is courtesy of Garaventa Lift, one of the manufactures of the X3-R model we install and service. 

Godwin Elevator Company X3-R Inclined Platform Lift Information

The X3-R is a perfect inclined platform lift solution for your home or office stairs, as it enables everyone to enjoy a space saving and safe accessibility to your stairs.  The X3-R Inclined Platform Lift features:

  • lifting capacity of 550lbs
  • easy installation to existing stairway
  • lift  folds into a compact space when not in use to keep stairs clear
  • designed to accommodate people in wheelchairs
  • options include a folding seat to provide access for people not in wheelchairs but facing difficulty climbing stairs


The X3-R is designed for straight stair cases, so if yours happens to have a turn or landing area, please call us today to learn about what inclined platform lift deigns will better suit your nees.