Xpress II Inclined Platform Lift

Xpress II Inclined Platform Lift Information
The Xpress II Inclined Platform Lift is the premier business choice for easy and affordable wheelchair accessibility that also offers a range of custom options to fit your needs without breaking the bank.
Xpress II Inclined Platform Lift offers easy installation and is perfect for existing buildings and older buildings where stairways may not be very wide or where wheelchair accessibility seems impossible. The Xpress II is able to navigate tight spaces between two landings easily, smoothly and economically.
Installation features are:
  • secured directly to either the wall or support towers, depending on how your stairs are configured
  • utilizes a carriage mounted rack and pinion drive system for a smooth and easy ride
  • platform folds out of the way when not in use to keep stairs clear
  • is ADA compliant
  • can be designed to suit your needs with a wide choice of standard and option features available

Godwin Elevator Company Platform Lift Installation

When you choose the highly trained specialized lift engineers at Godwin to install and service your platform lift, you get the peace of mind knowing that only the highest trained and most experienced of technicians work at Godwin. We pride ourselves in our rigorous training and education for each specific type of lift and elevator we offer. We are also one of the few recommended vendors for some of the product lines and brands we service and we are proud to offer our expertise to your accessibility needs. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation!