4 Common Commercial Elevator Problems

If you own, manage, or use a commercial elevator, you probably know that problems will happen, and the elevator won’t run correctly without maintenance. Like any machine, parts inside the elevator can become worn down from usage, and you’ll need to replace them. The intricacy of elevators can sometimes make these issues difficult to spot. Let’s go over some of the most common problems you might have with a commercial elevator and what Godwin Elevator can do to help solve them.

Photo by Martin Péchy from Pexels
  1. Worn-down Sheaves: You probably already know that sheaves help the elevator to move up and down. The grooved pulley system can become worn-down, in turn, wearing down the ropes that are used to hoist the elevator. If the cycle continues without intervention, the elevator can become a safety concern to passengers. A Godwin Elevator technician can check the sheaves and ropes and replace them or repair them if needed. Unless you’re an elevator professional, worn down sheaves can be hard to spot. 
  2. Contamination: Without proper maintenance, contaminants such as dirt, debris, and even water can mix with the hydraulic fluid, resulting in damage to your elevator if not immediately filtered out of the hydraulic reservoir (pump unit). Your elevator technician can analyze the oil to check for contaminants and repair or replace any components that may be damaged due to contamination by outside elements.
  3. Noisy Bearings: Loud or noisy bearings are an indicator of a serious issue that results in motor failure. Obviously, motor failure is something to avoid, but you can take steps to minimize its potential. When bearings are wearing down, the elevator may begin to vibrate or make loud noises. Give us a call if you start hearing strange sounds during operation or suspect a bearing malfunction. 
  4. Door Equipment Problems: Doors and their mechanical equipment can malfunction after some time, especially if they aren’t taken care of properly. If your elevator’s doors have been having issues with opening/ shutting recently, have a Godwin elevator technician come check them out. Remember that misaligned doors can be the cause of breakdowns and entrapment, and these are things you’ll always want to avoid. 

If you have noticed any of these problems occurring, give us a call today. Our team is dedicated to making sure you feel safe and comfortable while using your commercial elevator. Learn more about our preventative maintenance plan.