“Elevator downtime is one our worst fears. We count on the folks at Godwin Elevator to get here fast and get our elevator back in service. They never disappoint.”


“We have a service agreement with Godwin Elevator that calls for regular preventive maintenance. They always show up as agreed and perform the necessary tests and maintenance. We seldom have a problem with our elevator.”


“I highly recommend Godwin Elevator Company. Ever since we became a client, we have been continually impressed with their professionalism and level of service. I know we chose the right company.”


“Our elevator broke down and needed parts. Godwin had the parts in stock and was able to make the repairs quickly, keeping our downtime to a minimum. We really appreciated their quick response.”


“The interior of our elevator was looking old and out of date. It definitely needed refreshing. Godwin Elevator consulted with us and had great ideas about how we could modernize the elevator cab affordably. It looks much better now, and we’re very proud of it. Thanks, Godwin.”