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The Benefits of Preventative Maintenance for Your Elevator

Preventative maintenance is the systematic maintenance of your elevator to ensure that everything is working properly. Here are the benefits:


Remodeling Your Elevator Cab’s Interior

Remodeling your elevator cab is cheaper than getting a new cab altogether and automatically adds value to your space.


The Advantages of Lifts

A lift is typically an open cab and does not require as much equipment. Learn more about lifts and their advantages.

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3 Interesting Elevators You Probably Didn’t Know About

Do you know what the tallest elevator in the world is? Here are 3 interesting elevators you probably didn’t know about.

3 Common Myths about Residential Elevators

Most people don’t even think about putting an elevator in their home because of a few common misconceptions, but in reality, an elevator can be a great addition to your home. Here are 3 myths about residential elevators that you shouldn’t believe. 1. Residential elevators are unsafe and prone to malfunction  Stereotypically, people think that … Continue reading “3 Common Myths about Residential Elevators”

Elevator FAQs: Your Top 3 Questions Answered

1. How often is an elevator serviced? To make sure all equipment is working properly, Godwin Elevator recommends that an elevator be serviced once a year. Elevators are also inspected annually to ensure passenger safety. If an elevator is more than 20 years old, modernization will likely be recommended. Old equipment not only hinders the … Continue reading “Elevator FAQs: Your Top 3 Questions Answered”