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3 Interesting Elevators You Probably Didn’t Know About

Do you know what the tallest elevator in the world is? Here are 3 interesting elevators you probably didn’t know about.

3 Common Myths about Residential Elevators

Most people don’t even think about putting an elevator in their home because of a few common misconceptions, but in reality, an elevator can be a great addition to your home. Here are 3 myths about residential elevators that you shouldn’t believe. 1. Residential elevators are unsafe and prone to malfunction  Stereotypically, people think that … Continue reading “3 Common Myths about Residential Elevators”

Elevator FAQs: Your Top 3 Questions Answered

1. How often is an elevator serviced? To make sure all equipment is working properly, Godwin Elevator recommends that an elevator be serviced once a year. Elevators are also inspected annually to ensure passenger safety. If an elevator is more than 20 years old, modernization will likely be recommended. Old equipment not only hinders the … Continue reading “Elevator FAQs: Your Top 3 Questions Answered”

How an Elevator Works_Godwin Elevator Blog

How an Elevator Works

You’ve probably stepped onto an elevator hundreds of times, but have you ever questioned how it works?

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Cleaning & Disinfecting Commercial Elevators

It is more important now than ever to keep your elevators clean and disinfected. There are several solutions and cleaning methods that you can use to keep here are a few of our best suggestions. 

4 Common Commercial Elevator Problems

Let’s go over some of the most common problems you might have with a commercial elevator and what Godwin Elevator can do to help solve them.