Photo by James Willamor
Bull city. City of medicine. What ever you call Durham you know its a large part of North Carolina’s identity. Located in Durham county, it is the sixth largest city in North Carolina with a population of over 220,000.

Much of the cities early growth was due to the large thriving tobacco industry. if Fact the nickname Bull City comes from the Bull Durham Tobacco Factory. Currently the city is now most known for it’s baseball, music, and arts. Being the home of the Durham Bulls, the baseball stadium can be seen prominently from the highway. Also seen from the highway is the DPAC or Durham Performing Arts Center. The city house many jazz and other music festivals, as well as numerous art shows.

Like most large cities the demand for elevators repair and maintenance is high. while elevators are abundant the need for handicap accessibility is even higher Which is why Goodwin elevator are proud to include Durham in our areas served.