For some facilities, escalators can be a vital means of navigation throughout the building. If an escalator has reached its limit and operation is suspended, this can quickly impact the ability for clients to reach their destination within your establishment. If your escalator is reaching its peak, it’s time to contact Godwin Elevator Company. We can offer the benefits of improved technology to benefit performance your escalator equipment and guarantee continued operation of your escalator during our restoration process.

Escalator repair needs may vary depending on the severity of the damages. Regardless of the level of repair needed, Godwin Elevator Company strives to repair your escalator while minimizing the impact on your business and clients caused by downtime.

If the steps on your escalator are beginning to show their age, we offer step repair and overhaul services. This involves removal of each step for cleaning, inspection, and reinstallation. If the step is damaged, we can repair or replace it. These procedures are performed while ensuring minimal disruption to the facilities and with adherence to the highest safety regulations.

If your escalator is beginning to move slowly, sometimes the problem can be rectified by a detailed cleaning. This process can be cost efficient and minimize the out-of-service time for your escalator. There are different levels of cleaning to fit your needs and your budget.

If the issue with your escalator lies within the handrails, Godwin is equipped to service all major escalator manufacturers. We can repair the rail, place an insert, or replace an entire rail. Our engineers are trained to work efficiently to keep disruption to a minimum. We conclude the repair or renewal process with an adjustment, buffing, and cleaning.

Whether your escalator requires installation, modernization, repair, or maintenance, Godwin Elevator Company, Inc. offers the expertise to ensure that your escalator is running efficiently. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.