If your home has an elevator, are you having it inspected regularly, and by a professional who knows what problem areas to check? If you recently had an elevator installed, do you know how often to schedule inspections, and what kind of questions to ask your technician? Elevators can be handy devices for homes of all sizes, but without the proper care, they can lead to severe injury or high repair costs, or potential safety hazards. You deserve an elevator technician who truly values your complete satisfaction. If you want affordable inspection costs and high-quality service, contact the Godwin Elevator Company.

Did you know that 90 percent of residential elevators in North Carolina have been installed by un-certified elevator technicians? Our professionals are all NEIEP and QEI certified technicians for both Commercial AND Residential Elevator Installations. They don’t cut corners because your comfort and safety are of the utmost importance. With extremely reasonable costs and pricing plans to fit every budget, the team at Godwin Elevator Company takes quality to heart.

We know you work hard to handle your busy calendar, which is why we work hard to meet your scheduling needs. When inspecting residential elevators, we don’t sacrifice high-quality service for speed, but we do strive to ensure that your inspection goes smoothly and causes minimal interruption to your daily routine. Godwin Elevator Company technicians are the gold standard because they care deeply about their trade and have honed their skills to be the best in the business. Their work is completed with care and precision to ensure that your elevator is working efficiently and correctly. When you join the Godwin team, you receive the best service available; there’s nothing we value more than your satisfaction.

Contact us to schedule your residential elevator inspection.