Creating a home that is wheelchair-accessible is more than installing an entrance ramp. The team at Godwin Elevator has helped thousands of homeowners adjust their living spaces to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.

Our team keeps up with any changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act codes. We will make sure your home not only serves your needs but adheres to code.

To make a home wheelchair accessible, you must consider:

  • Doorways – Are they wide enough? Are there bumps/steps between rooms that need to be removed?
  • Flooring – Is it obstructive? Carpet is more difficult for wheels to manage, but low-pile carpet may work. Hardwoods, laminate, and vinyl are all good choices. Large ceramic tiles are also perfect for wheelchairs and for easy cleanup. Keep in mind any floor rugs should lay flat and not bunch up.
  • Heights – The eyehole in the door must be lowered. Think about counter heights in the kitchen and the bathroom sink.
  • Space – Is there enough room for a wheelchair to turn around inside the bathroom and other rooms?
  • Switches/outlets – Are these within easy reach?
  • Stairways – If your home has more than one story, we can install a stair lift or an elevator to make all parts of the home accessible.
  • Install safety bars in the bathroom and any other useful locations.
  • Ramps – The front entrance to the home is critical. Ramps must have railings on both sides and have a 1:12 slope ratio. Ramps must also have a 5×5-foot area at the top and bottom.

Contact us to find out how we can help make your home wheelchair accessible.